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First Out Of Africa - The Descendants Of Ancient India (Sky Vision Documentary)

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First Out of Africa - The Descendants of Ancient India

On remote islands in the Bay of Bengal live mysterious tribes. The five foot high dark skinned Andaman islanders are lied on by sailors to be cannibals. Their origins were a mystery, but this film reveals how modern DNA analysis suggests that these ancient people have close links to Africa, from where they have been separated for 100,000 years. (Sky Vision Documentary)


"In modern geography the name Ethiopia is confined to the country known as Abyssinia, an extensive territory in East Africa. In ancient times Ethiopia extended over vast domains in both Africa and Asia. It seems certain, that classical historians and geographers called the whole region from India to Egypt, both countries inclusive, by the name Ethiopia, and in consequence they regarded all the dark-skinned and black [dark skin] peoples who inhabited it as Ethiopians."

~E.A. Wallis Budge, Historian


DNA study on ancient skeletal remains and contemporary Indian Populations



Jarawas and Onges may have migrated from Bengal, Odhisa



The First People Who Populated The Americas

We are getting closer to understanding who the first Americans really were.

by Melissa Hogenboom

March 30, 2017

Another 2015 study therefore proposed there was more than one "founding population of the Americas".

The indigenous populations of the Americas, the team found, have distant genetic links in common with people of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Andaman Islands.



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